Monday, September 20, 2010

Solve Certification Error or Expired Certificate in Nokia Symbian S60

Many people using Nokia's Series 60 phones are facing problems while installing new symbian application i.e. third (3rd) party software on their mobile. Most of the new users do not know what to do and get tensed for installing new applicaions. Even people are not becoming able to install new themes on their phone. To get rid of these problems we have found some good solutions to solve certificate expire error as well as certification error problems.

If you are facing "Certification Error" while installing any new apps/theme/game then we can solve this problem. For this go to "Menu>>Tools>>Apps Manager" then choose Option>>Settings" and then change "Software Installation" to "All" and "Online Certificate Check" to "Off". That's all now try installing your new applications/themes/games into your mobile and enjoy the power of your handset.

Again if you get "Expired Certificate" error after following the steps above while installing 3rd party software then don't worry you can simply solve this problem also. To do so go to "Menu>>Settings>>Date & Time" and change the time to past years. This is because Nokia Series sets give certificate error while installing old softwares which are expired so when we go to past the software is thought as new software and is installed on the phone. You can again set "Date & Time" to current date and time after completing the installation of your 3rd party software. This is all about solving the problems of installing 3rd party software on Nokia Symbian handsets because new users are mostly facing these problems.

If you have any questions regarding above problems then just mail us at we will help you out from this problem.


  1. Hi its really very nice blog,very useful information..Mobiles

  2. Thank You, by the is that your blog you have attached at the end...

  3. Both are not working on my nokia 5233 :-(

    1. easy and simple solution for certificate error...http:// www.manekshdlegent.blogs

  4. both are not working in my Nokia 5233 please and send an email

  5. easy and simple solution for certificate error...

  6. its no use doing both things...still same error is being software auto identifies the licence expiry even though you change the date.

  7. just change the date of your mobile to previous year, and install your required application.. enjoy.:p


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